Tuesday Post Show (7-23-24)

Tues Part 2: Bobby Got a Bad Review! + Level of Spice Foods

Find out why Bobby's not having a good start to his day and where someone left him a bad review. Plus, what is your level of spice for foods? And we answer 'Would You Rather' questions and more!

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Tues Part 1: Lunchbox Made Another Pallet Sale + A Car Followed Morgan Home

It's the gift that keeps on giving...Lunchbox has sold another item from the pallet! Plus, find out what happened when Morgan was in an Uber and another car followed her the whole way home and more!

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Chris Smither-One of America's great singer songwriters

Join @thebuzzknight for a walk in Amherst Massachusetts with singer songwriter Chris Smither. Chris's music spans folk, country, blues, americana and rock and he has been creating music for over five decades. Smither has received high praise from critics and artists such as Bonnie Raitt who has covered his songs and expressed admiration for his work. Chris has recently released a new album called "All about the bones."

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“I Want to Rip Your Face Off” & More (5th Thing)

From fun recommendations to vulnerable journal entries, Amy & Kat talk about all kinds of things! Amy found a journal documenting her first 8 days of being a mom when her kids arrived from Haiti and, well, after reading through them, she realized her experience was far more difficult than she recalls (case in point: the quote in the title of this episode about the desire to rip a face off...yep THAT is something Amy said to her then husband, Ben, at the time!) Kat shares with us a psychological phenomenon called rosy retrospection which is remembering something more positively than it was actually experienced. That was clearly a tough season for Amy...that led to some laughs with Kat during this episode. They also do a little show & tell sharing some items/things they've been into lately (see links below for some stuff mentioned!) + remember per Kat's things: cross the simple things off your list & if at first you don't succeed.....paint the canvas white and try again!

Have the day you need to have and come back Thursday for the 4 things episode! Bye!!

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Big Magic (today's quote was also from page 13 of this book and it's a list of the many ways in which we might be afraid to live a more creative life!) 

Tissue Box Cover (this is the cutest thing that Amy only was attracted to finally order because she's sick & only $7.99) 

Chic Toilet Bowl Brush & Holder (random but you may need this & it's so good/chic for $12.99)


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#462 - Ashley Monroe on The Pistol Annie’s Reuniting + Beating Cancer

Bobby Bones sits down with Ashley Monroe (@Ashleymonroemusic) for this week's Bobbycast! They talk about her new song "Hot Rod Pipe Dream," and how she chases inspiration for her music. She opens up about The Pistol Annie's reuniting and other singer songwriters she's currently working with. Ashley also gets vulnerable about beating Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia, a blood cancer doctors discovered after finding her anemic during routine blood work. She also talks about her friendship with Jack White, why she doesn't drink anymore and reveals when her new album will come out and more! 

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Beware Of The Hard Sell

In this episode Ray teaches all about the hard sell and how he got roped in to a monthly charity donation due to the hard sell. Lunchbox ran into a very popular NFL player over the weekend and Ray goes over the itinerary for Justin's Birthday Weekend. 

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25W: Bobby Wants to Punch Kickoff Kevin + The Best Bet for NFL CPOY in 2024 + A Recap of Winning MVP at the All-Star Game

After Kickoff Kevin visited Chicago this past weekend, Bobby takes such issue with him saying Wrigley Field is overrated that it makes him want to punch him. The odds for the NFL Comeback Player of the Year are here, and the guys discuss who they would put their money on to win. Plus, Bobby finally recaps his MVP performance from the MLB celebrity softball game, and reveals what he was recently bidding on from the game.


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Mon Part 2: Bobby Shares Scam Alert Over Fake Jury Duty + What Year Was It?

Find out what the new scam alert is that Bobby is warning people about that involves getting fake jury duty messages. Plus, we play 'What Year Was It?' Do you know which year these events happened? And a whole bunch more!

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Mon Part 1: Styles Is On For The First Time! + Eddie Witnessed A Fight

Singer songwriter Styles is on the show for the first time talking about his song "100%," how it was on hold for Blake Shelton, co-writing a number one hit for Luke Bryan and more! Plus, find out what Eddie did when he witnessed a couple get in a fight on the side of the road and more!

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