Lunchbox Upset Over Tina Turner’s Passing

Photo: DPA

Tina Turner died yesterday at her home in Switzerland, after what her reps called a "long illness." She was 83 years old.

She had been part of The Bobby Bones Show for a long time because Lunchbox was a huge fan of hers. When the news broke, so many people reached out to Lunchbox to send their condolences because they knew how much he loved her. He was so upset because her music had been a big part of his life.

It all started when he was 12 years old, and his family was driving to Chicago to visit family when they stopped at a McDonalds. At the time, when you bought a combo meal you could get Tina Turner’s Greatest Hits Cassette Tape for $10. They bought it and listened to it the whole car ride, which started Lunchbox’s love for her music. It was the first time he heard music that he thought was incredible. Since then, he’s gone to two of her concerts, including her final tour in Houston, Texas where she played for three hours straight. He loved her so much he once wrote a letter to Oprah saying he was sick, and his dying wish was to meet Turner, but he never sent it. And in college, he wrote two papers on Ike and Turner’s relationship dynamic and saw her Broadway show.  

Photo – Getty Images 

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