Tenille Townes Would Rather Get Personal In Songs Than On Social Media

Tenille Townes just dropped her debut album The Lemonade Stand today (June 26). She shared on The Bobby Bones Show that the title of the album came from a lyric in one of her songs. Townes thought the line was perfect for the album title because she wants the album to be a gathering place for people, much like a lemonade stand. Not only that, she hopes the album can spark inspiration in humans to remind them of their goals as kids.

Bobby Bones noted that Townes isn't very active with sharing her personal life on social media, but her songs are deeply personal. Townes told Bones that she likes to share her stories through song instead of on social media because that's more her style. This was definitely the case in quarantine for Townes. She says quarantine was really weird for her, but she was writing a lot via Zoom.

Not only does Townes get personal with her songs, she also loves to be connected to her community and help in anyway she can. She has done projects with Girl Scout Troop 6,000, which is a group that helps women struggling with homelessness. She's also done many charity benefits to help Sunrise House, a youth shelter in her hometown that helps kids struggling with homelessness. She'll be hosting virtual benefit show "Big Hearts For Big Kids" on our Facebook page on June 30th in support of Sunrise House. You can find all the information here.

Tenille Townes performed an acoustic cover of "What A Wonderful World" and her song from her album "Holding Out For The One" on our Instagram TV Channel here.

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