Lunchbox Wants To Give Baby Box Rat Tail Hairstyle

Lunchbox's Baby Box Rat Tail

Lunchbox is living it up as a dad to his son Baby Box. He's really embraced being a dad in the past year his son has been year. Despite a few hiccups along the way, from Baby Box being in the NICU to Lunchbox napping through a phone call from Daycare, things have gone pretty smooth.

In typical dad fashion, Lunchbox wants to give his baby a sweet hairstyle. He wanted to give Baby Box a rat tail, but his wife is totally against it. He decided to bring it to The Bobby Bones Show for everyone to vote on what they should do. Turns out, 4 to 1 on the show said give the rat tail a go. Mostly because it's a hairstyle that can change pretty easily.

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