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Reba McEntire Reveals The Pet Name She Gave Boyfriend, Rex Linn

Reba McEntire is in love!

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Fancy" singer reveals what she believes is the secret to her happy relationship with actor, Rex Linn.

"Well, Cody! Mainly during COVID, we were talking every day. We would have "coffee camp" in the morning," says the country star.

"Every morning, that's the first thing I did when I woke up. I would call him. We would have coffee camp together for about two hours, and he was the last person that I would talk to when I went to sleep that night," says Reba.

"So that built an intimate relationship that was totally talking and visiting, and when we finally got together in June, it was like we knew each other so well that it just worked," Reba shared.

"He is funny. He is interesting. He knows my business, and I know his business, and we just get along."

Reba went on to reveal the adorable pet name that she has for Rex.

"He is Sugar Tot," says Reba explaining that her nickname is "Tater Tot."

"So, we are "Tater Tot," "Sugar Tot," we are "The Tots!" jokes Reba. "And, now Wriggler, our dog is "Wrigler Tot," and my horse Gator, he is "Gator Tot." And, we have two longhorns. They are "Rowdy and Patch Tot."

Want more from Reba? Click the link below and check out Cody and Reba's full, raw, and unedited conversation.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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