Carly Pearce Celebrates Her Strength With New Meaningful Wildflower Tattoo

Carly Pearce Celebrates Her Strength With New Meaningful Wildflower Tattoo

Carly Pearce Celebrates Her Strength With New Meaningful Wildflower Tattoo

Carly Pearce recently got a new tattoo, which she recently decided to show off to fans on Instagram. In the post, the singer shared a black-and-white photo of her right forearm which shows the new tattoo of a bouquet of wildflowers near her elbow.

Pearce also included a similar photo from farther away along with a picture of herself while she was getting inked by tattoo artist, Rick Coury. "Sooo I did a thing this week— 'Wildflowers are the first things to pop up after a long winter season,'" she wrote in the caption. "Here’s to seeing the wildflowers starting to sprout again...🙏🏻💐🤍"

The "Every Little Thing" singer's tattoo reveal comes shortly after she publicly opened up about her divorce from Michael Ray for the first time.

"Hopefully, people respect us to understand that we are humans and I certainly didn't get married to get divorced," Pearce said during an interview on ET Canada. "Things happen, and I think it's just something that has to stay between the two of us."

"I've felt the love of fans and appreciate that," she added. "I think it's one of those moments [that's like], 'You're a human.'"

As the interview went on, Pearce reflected on what she's learned about herself throughout the experience, to which she replied, "I'm way stronger than I thought."

"We shouldn't [be striving for perfection]. It's so easy to look at artists, like myself or whoever, and think their lives are perfect. That's just not a reality for any of us," she continued. "I think when you go through a lot of changes in every aspect of your life, you kind of realize that imperfections are kind of what make us all ourselves."

The country songstress filed for divorce over three months ago on June 19 after eight months of marriage, People confirmed at the time.

Although it's been a difficult year in her personal life, Pearce has seen success in her career. In February she released her self-titled sophomore album which featured her chart-topping duet with Lee Brice, "I Hope You're Happy Now." Pearce most recently released her new single "Next Girl," which some think references her split from Ray. "You're gonna think it's all your fault / It's just a switch that he turns off / He'll make you think it's love / But I promise you, it's not," she sings on the track.

"If you listen to any of my music and listen to the stories and the way I tell my stories through songs, I think that's always been a huge part of it for me — being honest and being authentic," the singer added in the interview. "This new music in 'Next Girl' is no different than that."

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