Lunchbox’s Wife Wants Him To Give Up Reality TV Dream & Get Roof Fixed

In June, a storm put three big holes in Lunchbox’s roof. Instead of going to the insurance company and getting them fixed, he went to Amy’s sister about getting on her show Building Roots, in hopes he’d get on the show and they’d come fix his house.  

He still hasn’t fixed the holes in his roof. Instead, he just put tarps on the roof to cover them and trash cans under the holes to catch the water if it rains. He hasn’t fixed it yet because he thought he was going to be on a reality TV show, and they would fix it for him. Since Building Roots rejected him, he now wants to apply to other HGTV reality shows, like Property Brothers, to see if they will put him on the show and fix it for him.  

He asked his wife if he should fix the holes or continue to chase the reality TV show homemaker dream. She told him they need to get it fixed and that waiting for a reality TV show to possibly feature him and fix the holes will take too long. She told him he needs to let his reality TV show dreams go and call a repair man.  

Lunchbox will call the insurance company in the next week or two and try and get the holes fixed.  

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