Affordable Ways to Enjoy Yourselves During COVID

It doesn't really need to be said again that this year has been weird at best, but if you are finding yourself feeling really down because of it, experts have come up with affordable/covid safe ways to hopefully bring more enjoyment to you life. Tyler Cowen, who is a George Mason economist, suggests that the key to feeling happier during this time is to take the money you would normally be spending on things you can't do this year, and spend it in ways that are compatible with our current health climate. Below is the list of their suggestions: 

  1. Buy More Books - it's safe to read and may be the "escape" you need, without even leaving your house.
  2. Road Trip Across Your State/Country - since travelling internationally isn't as accessible, jumping in your car to see sights across the geographic area close to you is another way to escape.
  3. Staycation - find affordable rentals in your own city or surrounding areas.
  4. Camp in Your Backyard - set up a tent and bonfire and feel like you're getting away.
  5. Virtual Vacation - there are options to see other parts of the world right from your couch.
  6. Go To the Farmers Market - probably something you don't normally do, and it will help support local farmers and vendors.
  7. Listen to ASMR - lots of free options on YouTube and it helps alleviate stress for some.
  8. Exercise/Meditate - experts have said for years these are great way to relieve stress and are just good for you overall.
  9. Tip Better When Eating or Ordering Out - feels good to help others in a tough economic time.

Click the link in the tweet below to read even more on each suggestion!