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Top of The Rock Adds New Features This Summer

Top of the Rock at Big Cedar Lodge has held a special place in my heart for several years now. My husband was an intern for Big Cedar's marina the summer of 2016 and this was when I was first introduced to the gorgeous views of the Buffalo Bar and the intricacies of the Golf Cart Cave Tour! Although it was already amazing then, with a drive up bar INSIDE a cave, it has become even more spectacular with the addition of new waterfalls, a butterfly garden, and a WHISKEY DISTILLERY coming soon! The story behind the distillery is really cool too because they acquired the stills from Hank Williams Jr! Check out some video and pictures I took on the tour!

Keep an eye out for the new waterfall, Indian Head Falls, and butterfly garden in the video below. They said the garden is filled with caterpillars now, but towards the end of summer the butterflies will be out in full force!

They also had actual eagles waiting for us at the "Eagle's Nest" overlook point!

Bald Eagle
Eagle's Nest Overlook Point

Below is the beginning of the Whiskey Distillery. It sits outside of the entrance to the cave, that also features the drive up Bat Bar!

Top of the Rock Future Whiskey Distillery

We wrapped up the tour by heading to the Buffalo Bar, where we stopped by the Cathedral of Nature (pictured below) which you may know began as a putting green designed by Arnold Palmer, until it opened up into a sink hole! They've trucked tons of dirt out to explore how far the sink hole goes, and the result is mesmerizing. We also sampled the new menu at the restaurant which was delicious but I did not think to take any pictures, and ended with the Sunset Cannon Ball Ceremony that you can see at the end of the video above!

The other neat thing about Top of the Rock is that you are still able to social distance. You can have a golf cart to yourself, spread out in all the space, and rest assured that the staff is following all guidelines. I can't wait to spend more time there this summer and hope you get the chance to check it out too!

Hemmy in front of a Creek on the tour!

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