DIY Spring Wreath...with Your Kids Old School Work!!

This is a perfect solution if you want to decorate for spring, aren't getting out of your house, and have been homeschooling kids! This tutorial shows how to use scrap paper, or specifically assignments your kids have turned in via uploading photos of them so you no longer need the physical paper! It's also a project easy enough that most kids can help, so it also becomes an art project. You simply take the scrap papers and roughly cut them into several squares. Then, make water color paints by grabbing whatever colors you have on hand, and adding them to cups with water. In this video she uses fabric paint and even mixes her own colors. plus adds white to make them pastel, but she also explains how it could be done with spray paint. More on that at the end. Next, you push the center of each square of paper to kind of crumple them into a rough cone shape, then dip the corners in the water colors and lay them aside to dry. Next the video shows how to make a wreath form from poster board, where she proceeds to hot glue the colored scrap paper pieces on in the arrangement of her choice. This is where she explains you could place the squares without being painted and then use spray paint to add color.

Check out the video below to see the exact step by step instructions to make your own recycled material spring wreath!