You Should Start Practicing Your New Year's Resolution Now!

Do you find yourself making resolutions every year, but not really sticking to them? Well The New York Times talked to experts to find out how to make you more likely to reach your goals, instead of giving up by February like the majority of Americans. The first tip is to choose a goal that is specific, like the goal to lose 1 pound a week for two months, instead of the goal to "lose weight." Or setting a solid number of times you want to work out between now and February, maybe twice a week, instead of just saying you want to "start exercising." Making your goals measurable will make them easier to complete. Another thing the article says is to go ahead and start your resolution before the new year starts, because if you practice over the holidays when you probably will mess up, it teaches you how to not give up at the first road bump. Click the link in the tweet below, or right HERE to read more!