Buzzfeed Compiles List of 42 Mind Blowing Facts About Celebrities

I look at a lot of lists like this, so I was thinking I had probably heard all of these before. I was wrong. Did you know Britney Spears was actually a part of a girl group before starting her solo career? Me neither. You have to see the picture and feel bad for the four other unrecognizable women. Plus Channing Tatum was in Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" video! Crazy! I did know the one about Matthew Perry missing the tip of a finger, and Justin Timberlake's mom being Ryan Gosling's legal guardian when they were on The Mickey Mouse Club, but the rest really did blow my mind! Like I had no idea Jennifer Aniston turned down being a cast member on SNL, but at least it worked out for her!!! Okay, I won't give away the rest, just click the link in the tweet below to read them!

Also, for your viewing pleasure... see if you can spot Channing, ha!