Brett Young's New Music Video took A LOT of Inspiration From His Real Life

Brett Young's new song "Catch" may not be specifically about baseball lyrically, but the music video definitely uses that imagery to get the multiple meanings of his song across. It's especially cool since Brett did in fact pitch in college at Ole Miss with the intention of playing professionally. The video even depicts the elbow injury that ended his baseball career in real life. The video also shows a little more of Brett's real life, like you may notice the resemblance between the lead actors and Brett and his real life wife Taylor (née Mills). They did meet and start dating while they were both in college, however she attended Arizona State University and the two had a long distance relationship for a long time. Other parts of their true life story not shown in the video are that they broke up for a while when he was starting his music career, but you can hear that depicted in his earlier songs. The two did reconnect and are now married with a baby on the way, so we can definitely expect more super sweet songs from Brett in the future, that will probably draw real life inspiration just like this one!