There is A McDonald's That Looks Like a Victorian Mansion!

If you've ever thought McDonald's wasn't classy, prepare to feel wrong! There's a location in Freeport, Maine (the only McDonald's in Freeport, actually) that was built in a 150 year old Victorian mansion they converted into Mickey D's in 1984! It totally still looks like someone's fancy house from the street, but if you look closely there's a McDonald's sign above the front door! The reason they kept the original look of the house, is because it was a requirement to maintain the town's aesthetic. I didn't know that was a think cities could regulate until just recently! My boyfriend is in construction and remodeling and has had to deal with mandates saying new structures or refurbished structures must maintain the historic look of the area in which they are located. Oh, don't worry though, there is still a drive thru! Plus, because it's in Maine you can get a lobster roll there.

You can learn even more information about this insane McDonald's by watching the video below, but one of my favorite tidbits: it's located only a few blocks from the original L.L. Bean!