Costco Selling A Wedding Cake Made of Cheese

If you're planning a wedding and looking for a cake that's unique, or you don't like normal desserts, look no further than this Costco CHEESE wedding cake! Again, not cheesecake. A cake of cheese. Costco has assembled five cheese wheels into a 5-tier cake. It's 22 pounds, includes Red Leicester, which is a mild cow's mil cheese, as the base, a Danish Blue tier to follow, after that a Murcia al Vino which is a goat cheese, then a Tuscan sheep's milk cheese, all topped off by a Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie. It all costs $439.99. I don't know what a normal wedding cake costs but I know weddings are expensive so is this more affordable? It also sounds waaay fancier than I'm used to, since my favorite cheese is provel or velveeta, haha!!! You'd also probably have to factor some crackers into the cost of the "cake" because who is gonna eat all that cheese without crackers?! Click the link in the tweet below to see more!