Bride(zilla) Considers Making Bridesmaids Wear Colored Contacts

I've heard of brides wanting their bridesmaids to change their hair color or cover tattoos for the look they're hoping to achieve in their wedding pictures, and I already thought that was asking a little too much, but now eye color isn't even off limits?! This bride is apparently worried that her friends with blue eyes will be clashing with the chartreuse color she picked for their dresses. She's at least "offereing to let them select any color, even rich amber brown like" the bride's because she's "not afraid of being overshadowed!" 

I've never had a wedding, or been in a wedding where the bride asked something like this of me, but I've always thought that you should love the people standing with you on your wedding day and you should want them to change. What do you think? Click the link in the tweet below to see her full post!