The Biggest Regret People Had in 2018 Was Wasting Their Paid Time Off

According to a survey Priceline had Morar HPI conduct, 29% of Americans regret how they spent their paid time off in 2018. Apparently a lot of people had to use time off to attend weddings last year, when they would have rather used that time for themselves instead of other people. You can click the link in the tweet below to read more about vacation day regrets, but the survey did also find that 20% of Americans who work full time say they don't expect to use all their time off by the end of this year, because they mostly say they can't afford it. 

While we're on the topic of regrets though, this one extends further than just the past year. According to a study from Cornell University, one of the biggest regrets of a life time people have is not following their dreams. Basically make more time for the things you want to do instead of the things you think you have to do. Click the link in this tweet to read more about that!