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Surprising Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Do

These aren't proven to be fool-proof, guaranteed ways to lose weight, but they could help, and they all seem pretty simple! Check out the full descriptions of each tip HERE because they are just summarized below. 

1. Keep Your Eating Window Small - the more hours during the day you eat, the more calories you'll consume over all. 

2. Take Vitamin D - studies show it could help with weight loss! 

3. Eat On Blue Plates - This one's psychological! You should check it out because there are colors you don't want around while eating too. 

4. Try Carb Backloading - this is the opposite of what I've heard in the past, but it's basically where you eat all your carbs later in the day. Click the link below to read why some experts say this works.

5. Work Out On An Empty Stomach - I already do this, but mostly so I don't make myself feel sluggish or sick while working out. 

6. Start Weightlifting - this has been shown to help with weight loss more effectively than other workouts.

7. Eat Dessert for Breakfast - most experts say you should indulge so you don't deprive yourself and end up going overboard, this basically just says have your indulgence in the morning. 

8. Eat Chocolate on a Regular Basis - this is based on a study/survey showing people who ate chocolate regularly are thinner. Needs to be a certain kind though!

9. Drink a Cup or Two of Coffee - it may boost your metabolic rate!

10. Stop Peeling Your Food - at least in apple skins there's a natural substance that can help with weight loss. 

11. Don't Watch Commercials - ads for junk food really can influence your eating habits. Luckily if you stream most of your TV you don't have to deal with these already! 

12. Get Some Spinach Extract - it helps reduce your sweet and fatty cravings, and the extract can come in powdered form without the taste of spinach if that's what keeps you from eating it! 

13. Chew Gum - reduces your hunger and cravings, and makes you feel full longer. 

14. Clench Through Your Cravings - supposedly clenching your fists when you're craving something can help you get over that! 

15. Get Some Vanilla Perfume - this is based on another study where people wore different scent patches and the ones with vanilla lost the most weight!

16. Turn Down The Lights - this is another psychological thing where you consume less in dim lighting than you do in bright lighting. 

17. Eat Your Biggest Meal at Breakfast - this is similar to the eat dessert in the mornings thing. 

18. Focus On Quality Not Calories - this one has helped me personally. Instead of counting calories focus on eating more healthy food. In the past I would count calories of junk foods I normally ate, so I would just end up having tiny portions and still feeling hungry. If you focus on eating whole foods instead of processed you'll feel more full and satisfied and still lose weight! 

19. Swap Butter for Olive Oil - for some reason people who out olive oil on their bread instead of butter tend to eat less of it. 

20. Exercise In The Morning - this is the hardest thing on the list for me since I am NOT a morning person, but it's shown to decrease your appetite throughout the day. 

Definitely click the link in the tweet below to read the actual scientific evidence for each of these tips, as I've just summarized them in my own words so far. I would definitely be willing to try some of these, and have already tried a few that have worked for me! 

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