Chelsea Houska Calls Into BBS After Hearing Lunchbox Geek Out

Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2 called into The Bobby Bones Show after she heard Lunchbox geek out about her during the show's Show & Tell segment.

She does not think it’s weird that he is a fan of hers because she has met a lot of people who are very supportive of her. Lunchbox has followed her story since she got her start on 16 and Pregnant. One of the reasons Lunchbox likes her so much is because she is very likeable and down to earth.  

Lunchbox once saw she was coming to Nashville and he reached out to her to get a drink, but he never heard back. He will also sometimes tweet at her dad, Randy, and he will respond back to him! Lunchbox used to live Tweet Teen Mom and would get responses from the cast all the time!  

Houska lives outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and her and her husband are opening their store, Down Home By DeBoer, at the beginning of 2024 and invited Lunchbox to the grand opening. She would go back and do 16 and Pregnant and give herself younger self advice. Her call kept dropping so they are going to try and get Houska back on again!  

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