Jo Dee Messina Will Be Releasing New Music This Year

Jo Dee Messina called into The Bobby Bones Show today (February 20) to talk about her new tour, share the jobs she had to take while trying to make it in Nashville, and we found out if she’s been working on new music.  

In 1996, Messina released her debut single, “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” It became an instant hit that has since been given a new life as Cole Swindell used it for his 2022 single and latest number one hit, “She Had Me at Heads Carolina.” With the revival of that song, it was only fitting that’s what she named her new tour. The Heads Carolina, Tails California Tour will have Messina on the road for most of 2023 and visiting over 45 cities. It kicked off this past Friday (February 17) and will continue until November 11, 2023. When putting together a set list for a tour, she tries to play all her hits as well as sprinkle in some new songs. When Bobby Bones asked her if that meant she’d be releasing new music sometime soon, since she hasn’t in a while, she admitted for the first time on the show that she is, and it will be out in the next few months.  

When Messina first moved to Nashville, she had to do a bunch of random jobs to survive before making it in music. She recalled being a bartender for about a week, but it didn’t work out because she didn’t drink so she didn’t know the difference between liquors and would make people the wrong drink. She then worked at an accounting office of a Christian record label when she got the news that she got a record deal. Messina was good friends with Tim McGraw when she was singing live on a radio show every weekend. McGraw’s producer heard her and helped her make a demo. She sent it to a bunch of labels and then met with them at CMA fest when they told her they’d be interested in signing her to a record deal.  

Messina’s new best of album, Heads Carolina, Tails California: The Best of Jo Dee Messina, will be released on March 10, and be available on vinyl for the first time. You can get tickets to see her tour this year at

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