The 'Best School District' In Missouri

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Where young students attend school can help prepare them for higher education in college, get them ready to enter the workforce or otherwise assist in planning their future. Of course, some school districts are better equipped for this, whether it's from receiving more funding, having stronger community support or not dealing with overcrowding and teacher shortages.

According to a list compiled at 24/7 Wall St., based off data from Niche, the best school district in Missouri is Ladue School District near St. Louis. With a total enrollment of around 4,400, the student to teacher ratio is 13:1, average graduation rate is 97% and average district is $17,320 per pupil.

This is what 24/7 Wall St. had to say about determining the best school district in each state:

"Using data compiled by Niche, an education and community research platform, 24/7 Wall St. identified the best school district in each state. Niche ranked schools based on a weighted index of multiple measures, including standardized test results, graduation rates, student-teacher rations, extracurricular clubs and sports teams, and parent and student surveys... Of the 50 school districts on this list, all but eight spend more per student each year than the average national per pupil expenditure of $12,239, as reported by Niche. Additionally, only four top-ranking districts with available data have graduation rates below 90%, and in most of them, 95% or more of students graduate."

Check out the full list at to read up on the best school districts around the country and what sets them apart.

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