Lady A's Hillary Scott Shares How Charles Kelley's Sobriety Impacted Trio

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Charles Kelley shared how he’s “loving this new lease on life,” now that he’s more than one year sober. The singer-songwriter and his Lady A bandmates — Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood — spoke with the TODAY Show hosts as they appeared on the show and delivered the first big TV performance of their latest single.

Lady A announced last year that they would postpone their “Request Line Tour” to support Kelley’s sobriety journey in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Kelley marked one year sober in late June, months after the trio kicked off their pushed-back tour.

“For me, it’s been a new adventure,” Kelley said on the TODAY Show when asked about how he’s feeling after being sober for one year. “I know it sounds cheesy, but you know, I lived one way for so long and I’m finding so much more purpose. I’m connecting to my spirituality like I never have before, and the connection with my family and everybody. …It got really old and exhausting the last few years. It wasn’t fun anymore, really. I’m loving this new lease on life.”

Scott said Kelley’s journey has impacted the band in “incredible ways.” She said her bandmate “has always been such an open-hearted, loving, amazing, passionate bandmate and friend. But I would say, you say it more now,” she said as she turned to Kelley. “You’re just living so open-hearted and so much gratitude, so it’s beautiful.”

The trio also spoke about their new single, “Love You Back,” and teased more new music on the way. Kelley spoke about honest songwriting, particularly noting his “goodbye letter” to alcohol, “As Far As You Could,” (though he noted that Lady A would still perform old hits like “Bartender”). He also expressed his appreciation for the broadness of country music, and the honesty of its songwriting and storytelling.

Kelley recently shared a video of Lady A performing a stunning rendition of the trio’s new single while warming up backstage at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. The song made its long-awaited debut on Friday (September 22) after a few teasers from the band. Lady A recently said it’s “about that pivotal relationship moment if you're going to dig in and make it work or head separate ways.”

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