Thomas Rhett Delivers Update On Previously-Teased 'Country Again: Side B'

Photo: Getty Images

Thomas Rhett hasn’t forgotten about a previously-teased project that follows his 2021 album, Country Again Side A. The award-winning singer-songwriter recently gave a Side B update via his record label, which explains that Rhett wrote and recorded the first installment during the first year of the pandemic, and the follow-up was put on the back-burner when restrictions began to lift. Rhett switched gears, writing high-energy anthems perfect for performing live.

“‘Anything Cold’ was written for live. ‘Bring the Bar to You’ was written for live. ‘Half of Me’ was written for live. ‘Paradise’ was written for a live show. ‘Somebody Like Me’ was written for live,” Rhett said of some of his most recent tracks. “I would say half was written for the live show, and I would say the ones that are a little more Side A-ish were probably supposed to be a part of Side B. And so, I hope we get to get on the road this year and really finish out Side B the way that I want it to sound, and hopefully put that record out.”

The songs Rhett listed all appeared on Where We Started, the 15-track collection he debuted in April 2022. Through he previously said he aims to release two country albums in one yearWhere We Started and Side B — the album still has yet to arrive. Rhett did recently say on an Instagram story, however, that he’s “sitting on 20 songs that might be my favorite of my career.”

There’s no word as of publication time on Tuesday (March 21) when Rhett plans to release Side B, but until then, listen to his current single, “Angels (Don't Always Have Wings),” below.

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