Morgan Evans Shares A New Story Behind Post-Divorce Song: 'On My Own Again'

Photo: Getty Images

Morgan Evans told a new story behind his latest post-divorce single, “On My Own Again,” which sees the country singer-songwriter setting a fresh start and looking ahead to new beginnings. Evans shared, in response to questions from his social media followers, that the cover art was taken on a beach on the west coast of Morocco.

“I’m gonna drive until the wheels fall of this old truck in my heart/ If forever’s gonna end like that, I guess I’d better start/ The rest of my life, like the best time’s up around the bend/ Oh, on my own again”

“We went there to film some stuff and to go surfing before this last European tour we just did,” Evans reflected, noting that the photo was taken on his last evening in Morocco. “We went down at sunset, and one of the cool things about this particular bay is they have camels on the beach. I didn’t wanna ride the camel, because I just kinda wanted the camel to have a little time off but I did wanna get a picture with the camel.

“We went down, met this fella and he had a camel named Chewbacca,” he continued. “I was with two fellas, and one of them decided he wanted to negotiate the price of getting a photo with Chewbacca. They were sort of having a heated conversation, shall we call it, in Arabic. While they were doing that, we just went and took some photos in this beautiful place while the sun was setting with sort of no intention in mind. But when I was looking back on the plane at the photos, I thought that one captured the emotion of the song, ‘On My Own Again.’ I hope the song makes you smile, and I hope when you look at that cover art now, you think of Chewbacca. And I hope that makes you smile, too.”

Evans released “On My Own Again” earlier this month, marking his latest post-divorce song since “Over For You,” a heartache ballad that he debuted in Australia at the CMC Rocks QLD Festival. Evans said he wrote the chorus of “On My Own Again” in November 2022, which is what he called “the first moment that I stopped looking in the past and really started looking toward the future.”

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