Trisha Yearwood Marks Milestone In Efforts To Help Pets Find Forever Homes

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Trisha Yearwood marked a major milestone for the animal charity inspired by her late dog. The beloved country music giant posted a sweet photo on Instagram of herself sprawled out on the floor bonding with two dogs as she announced that Dottie’s Yard, which was established in 2021, is making big impacts nationwide (and there’s more to come):

“Because of your generosity, in just 18 short months, [Dottie’s Yard] has made grants in all 50 states to over 100 animal non-profits! Thank you all for joining us in our mission to help all creatures great and small and to get [every dog] adopted. We’re just getting started!! xo ❤️🐾”

Dottie’s Yard Fund, at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, was established in 2021 with inspiration from Dottie, Yearwood’s dog who died in 2016. She was 14 years old. Dottie was about 2 years old when she showed up on the side of the road near the family’s Oklahoma house in 2004, according to Dottie’s Yard’s story:

“Dottie was…fast. She could run up to 30mph, and she leapt through the fields like a gazelle. Garth (Brooks) always said if she had a cape, she could fly! She was our protector and our best friend. Over the years, we’d “find” another dog wandering up and we would adopt them, too. We joked that Dottie had some sort of rescue underground and she vetted the potentials and brought home the keepers. I think that was true. She took each addition to our family: Hank, then Pete, then Emmy…under her wing and taught them the ropes of farm life. …I watched Dottie teach Emmy how to be an adult, how to properly chase a squirrel, and what kind of face to make to the humans to get what you wanted.”

The family moved back to Nashville in 2014, and by that time, they’d lost Hank and Pete to cancer, but Dottie was 12 and young Emmy made the move. Though Yearwood recalled the heartbreak of losing Dottie in 2016, their hearts “were full of the unconditional love she had given us (and, of course, Emmy passed down Dottie’s lessons to the next adopted dog, Millie).”

“Dottie’s Yard was created to honor one of the best dogs I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Now, Dottie’s legacy will live on and she will continue to help dogs and cats all over the country.”

According to the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection:

“Over 6.5 million pets arrive at animal shelters across the country each year. There are never enough essential supplies for shelters to accommodate this large number of surrenders and strays. These animal-loving organizations need help. In an effort to cover costs for medical bills, nutrition, and other basic necessities, Trisha Yearwood created Dottie’s Yard, a non-profit fund named after her own rescue, Dottie.
“…Dottie’s Yard helps dogs and cats all over the nation by alleviating financial burdens and supporting the organizations who give animals a much-deserved second chance at finding a forever home. Trisha is proud to carry on the legacy of her furry family member with this fund.”

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