Callista Clark Opens Up About Getting Through Heartbreak

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Callista Clark is no stranger to heartbreak, though she seems to have a handle on it. The country singer-songwriter, 19, opened up about what she does after a breakup, including how she channels her emotions into writing powerful music.

“I think when I go through a break up, it’s a combination of the wallowing in it, the sad, the crying, the ‘Hey, let’s write a song about it. Let’s write a song that actually isn’t what I’m going through, and let’s pretend like I’m not sad about it,’” Clark said in a statement shared by her record label. “It’s just a mixture of everything, but honestly, songs always bring me back to that, whether it is allowing myself to be sad for a little bit or being super confident, and just kinda brushing it off.”

Clark recently released a soulful duet with country star Jimmie Allen, “Wish You Wouldn’t.” The song portrays an on-again, off-again couple conflicted with how they feel about one another (and ultimately seem to backslide after the breakup): “You’ll pick up your phone/ Thinkin’ you should call me up/ ‘Cause you’re wonderin’ how I’ve been/ And you’ll say you’re still in love/ Oh, I wish you wouldn’t/ ‘Cause you know you shouldn’t/ You’ll say you couldn’t help it/ But you’re really bein’ selfish/ So I wish you wouldn’t/ I wish you wouldn’t/ I wish you wouldn’t/ But I wish you would”

Listen to “Wish You Wouldn’t” again here:

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