Guidelines Students Returning to St. Louis County Public Schools

What you need to know from our partners 5 on your side KSDK news the guidelines St. Louis County schools will need to adhere in order to open back up for the kiddos come Fall. Here are the basics from KSDK's reporter, Dori Olmos:

  • "Establish a plan for daily screening for illness or exposure to the novel coronavirus.
  • Minimize interaction — stagger lunch times, alternate common space usage and keep students in cohorts to the extent possible.
  • Keep students physically distanced in a classroom, to the extent possible.
  • Avoid large gatherings that mix multiple groups and do not allow for social distancing. For the short-term, avoid assemblies and pep rallies.
  • Develop contingency plans to respond to changes in the level of transmission in the community. Protocols should be developed for hybrid and virtual learning that can be activated if the circumstances dictate."

Read the complete breakdown and watch the video on KSDK's website HERE!

(Photo credit: By Sally Anscombe, Getty Images)

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