Supergirl: Sky Flyer Opening at Six Flags and I Got to Ride It Early

I had the opportunity to experience Six Flags St. Louis’ newest ride, Supergirl: Sky Flyer before it opens Saturday. I haven’t been on a ride in years. I managed to keep it together pretty well for the video. Behind the scenes I was shaking. I put my big girl cape on and was fine. I promise the actual ride doesn’t make you as dizzy as watching me on the video. Happy I had a friend with me or it may not have happened. How were we all so fearless as kids? Swinging upside was crazy. Going back down when the speed picked up made my stomach drop. But I obviously survived. Brought back great memories of childhood fun. The staff was amazing even though they made fun of me the whole time for being so scared. Well you know the place to be this weekend.


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