The Burger Mobile From the 90's Movie "Good Burger" is Coming to St. Louis!

You know and quoted the movie, right? "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?" Well, pretty soon that will make the perfect caption for your Instagram photos in the Burger Mobile from the movie! The owner of Hi-Pointe Drive-In here in St. Louis tracked down the burger themed vehicle and bought it for $6,000 to renovate and have on site for customers to check out and have photo ops with! Mike Johnson was quoted as saying, "People these days want to have an Instagramable picture, so we'll keep it open and let people open it and sit in it to take pictures and stuff. Hopefully there will be less glass in the seats." The glass in the seats referring to the current state of the vehicle, that they hope to have all fixed up this August. Click the link in the tweet below to see more!



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