You'll Get an Average of 3 Bad Gifts This Year

According to a survey conducted by Groupon, chances are you will receive 3 bad gifts every holiday season. Apparently siblings are the worst at giving gifts, while significant others give the best, but the really bad news is that 35% of people surveyed said getting a bad gift permanently affects their opinion of the person who gave it to them! So while the same survey said chances are people won't remember the gifts you got them, I guess they will remember how they feel about those gifts! They did also give some tips on how not to give bad gifts though. Avoid anything along the lines of wrinkle cream, a scale, or exercise equipment, so basically anything that make the person receiving the gift feel like you think they are unattractive or need to change something about their appearance. Plus, if you stick to thinkgs like clothing and apparel, electronics, or gift certificates to nice restaurants or spa days and trips those will be the most liked and memorable gifts. Click the link in the tweet below to read even more! 



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