Bull Float Trip Truck Chats

Dusty chats with 2018 Bull Float Trip artists Jerrod Niemann, Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen. 

Up first, Dusty and Jerrod Niemann talk about finally getting him to play the Float Trip, being on the road, his whiskey... including a funny story about a bale of hay and his USO campaign. Watch below.

Truck Chat with Jerrod Niemann

Watch Dusty talk to Dylan Scott about his truck, how he feels about being on the float, his baby crawling, staying in touch with family on the road and his music and having a number one. Check it out.

Truck Chat with Dylan Scott

Dusty and Jimmie Allen talk about him being a Ford guy, his love for Disney, being out on the road, a radio tour and shows, his buck list artist, being raised on Country, swinging your legs, and being away from his kid. Watch below.

Truck Chat with Jimmie Allen

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