Missouri is getting new license plates!

Check out the new design of the Missouri license plates to celebrate its bicentennial! What do you think? The new plates are available now and will be issued to drivers beginning in 2019. It will take a little while to phase out the old plates, so in the meantime we will have a few different MO plates on the road. These ones, the old ones, the historic vehicle plates and of course....the expired temp tags that Missourians tend to drive on for many years after they have expired. I understand that sometimes you forget that your plates expire or that you have a temp tag, but I have seen some temp tags as old as 2015! At some point wouldn't you just get it taken care of? OR you could just wait and get one of these fancy new plates! What do you do with your old plates? I like to hang them in my garage....I can't be the only one!



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