Daughter Created A 'Wall Of Sorrow' To Convince Her Dad She Needed A Cat

It's hard being an animal lover sometimes, because you just can't save them all. There are millions of animals out there who need loving homes, but we can only fit so many in our homes. Well, one young girl wanted to help give a cat a home for the holidays, but the way she went about it is probably the funniest and most clever way imaginable.

13-year-old Peyton Grubisic wanted a cat more then anything. She had been sad since the family's 19-year-old cat passed away two years ago of old age. Peyton begged her father for a cat, hoping that he would let her adopt one from a shelter, but he kept saying no.

She wasn't about to give up. According to her sister, who shared the whole story on Twitter, Peyton decided that if asking wasn't going to work, she would have to try something else. That's when she took her negotiation tactic to a new level...

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