Crayola has retired a favorite color of mine...

NOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain't so! Not cool, Crayola...not cool. Why? Why would you retire such an amazing color? I will now buy as many boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons so I will not have to live without the lovely Dandelion. #LongLiveDandelion #NationalCrayonDay

I think Dandelion was forced out. Here is what really went down.

Crayola - Dandelion...we called you in today because the other yellows feel you have the yellow community locked down. Everyone always wants to use you and not the other yellows.

Dandelion -

Crayola - We feel we need to make a change. We would like to offer you an early retirement.

Dandelion - So because Yellow, Canary, Cornsilk, Gel FX Yellow, Golden Yellow, Goldenrod and of my other so called "brothers" are mad that everyone likes me, I have to go into retirement?

Crayola - Yes. We feel we have come up with a nice parting package for you. It's a brand new box made just for you.

Dandelion - I have given you years of vibrant yellow color and THIS is how you repay me? And why does Blue Green have to be in this meeting? It's none of her business.

Crayola - Blue Green is now head of HR

Dandelion - Oh...that makes sense....nobody loves Blue Green like they do DANDELION!

Crayola - We understand that you're upset. Please know this was a tough decision. Blue Green and Red Violet will show you out.

Dandelion - How long is my non compete? I hear Rose Art is looking for a new AWESOME yellow....

And scene. That's how it went down.

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