Teen Sharing Her Story After Finding a Shirt Covering Her Windshield

A 19-year-old’s warning is being shared after she found a shirt laid over her windshield Thursday. Ashley Hardacre was leaving work at the Genesee Valley Mall in Flint, Michigan, walking across the parking lot to her car, when she found a blue flannel shirt thrown over her windshield and tucked underneath a windshield wiper. She says there was a parked, running car near her so she waited to remove the shirt in a place where she felt safe.


Hardacre told CBS News “I posted about the incident to inform others that it can happen to anyone and that they shouldn’t fall for it,” Hardacre said. “A lot of people think it is fake or it won’t happen to them. But you can never be too safe.”

Flint Township Police Detective Sergeant Brad Wangler contacted Hardacre after he saw her post. read more here


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