Bonehead Stories Of The Week: June 5th

Everyday Lunchbox shares a "Bonehead Story of the Day" to give us all a laugh on The Bobby Bones Show. The boneheads feature people all across the country that are getting in trouble for ridiculous things. So we decided to give listeners a recap at the end of the week and let them vote on the biggest bonehead of the entire week.

Listen to this week's stories from Lunchbox above or read them below... then vote!


Daytona Beach, FL – 25-year-old Timothy had a couple of warrants out for his arrest…no big deal, decided to go on Instagram live while he was out and about. He goes to rent a jet ski on Instagram Live, right as he finishes filling out the paper work, cops roll up and arrest him.


San Diego, CA – At 3:30am an alarm goes off at a Wells Fargo bank, there’s a break in! Cops surround the bank and shout ‘come out with your hands up!’ They storm the building, find a guy sitting in the break room eating. He said he broke in because he had nowhere to heat up his hot pockets.


Pennsylvania – A 41-year-old mother was mad at her son because he kept taking up all the Wi-Fi playing video games, so she turned off the Wi-Fi. The 20-year-old son got mad, went outside and cut all the power off to the house.


Florida – An 80-year-old man was headed to the beach, as he was reversing his Dodge Challenger into a parking spot…he slowed down and thinks he’s about to hit the brakes…nope, he hits the gas and goes over the parking thing, down to the beach and into the water.


Las Vegas, NV – A couple was arrested after stealing $13 million from the health care system. They would brag on Instagram showing off the stuff they bought…Aston Martin, private jet, jewelry…they were committing fraud the entire time and Instagram was what got them in trouble with the authorities.

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