These Are The Most Hated Thanksgiving Foods

First of all, this data was gathered from Twitter, which for some reason is so cool to me. Second of all, how can anyone hate stuffing?!?! That is probably my favorite Thanksgiving food! Anyway, looked at this Twitter data to find the most hated Thanksgiving food in each state. You can click the link in the tweet below to see the full map, but heads up it is color coded and my color blind self had to flag someone down in the hallway to come tell me what color my state is. It's Missouri, and apparently our most hated food is green bean casserole, which I get because it looks gross but I still think it tastes good. The Top 6 most hated foods are listed below with the number of states that had those foods as their Number 1, but definitely continue on to that map to scope out the details!

  1. Cranberry Sauce - 17 States
  2. Green Bean Casserole - 12 States
  3. Stuffing - 9 States
  4. Sweet Potatoes - 6 States
  5. Pumpkin Pie and Turkey - Tied at 3 States Each