Taylor Swift Dropped a Celebrity Cameo Filled Video!

The video starts with Taylor waking up in a trailer to an alert on her phone she's not happy with, but instead of stressing she tosses the phone on her bed and mixes a cocktail! As the phone ignites and starts to burn down her trailer, we just find Tay lounging in her above ground pool, and then it pans out to reveal a celebrity filled trailer park where the whole video takes place! We see Tordrick Hall, Dexter Mayfield, and Hannah Hart who I recognize from YouTube, we see the Fab Five from Netflix's Queer Eye, and it just keeps going from there! I think the biggest surprises for me were Ryan Reynolds towards the end, and Katy Perry!!! Looks like their feud really is over. Oh! And people pointed out that Todrick Hall and Ellen DeGeneres actually teased their appearances in Taylor's video ahead of time, but no one picked up on it...so I'm wondering if Katy Perry wearing a cheeseburger after the Met Gala was teasing her appearance in the same costume in this video, or if they chose to put her back in that costume because of her decision to wear it that night?! Hopefully they will reveal that soon! Check out all the cameos in the link in the tweet below and scroll down to see the full video!