This Chart Could Explain Why Game of Thrones' Last Season Disappointed Fans

There was so much controversy surrounding the final season of Game of Thrones, because overall, fans found it largely disappointing. So much so, that a petition to redo season 8 got thousands of signatures. It sparked a debate about TV shows being a "fan service" or not, encouraged other actors and fans to come to the shows defense, and people to give the upset viewers grief about just being upset it wasn't ending the way they hoped and not that it was actually bad. Turns out though, someone found a specific reason this season was less liked than others, although this show is known for heart wrenching twists and killing off beloved characters... this season had way less dialogue than earlier ones! A chart shows that the average amount of dialogue has actually consistently gone down season after season, so theoretically we may have liked the ending more if there was more explanation as to why things were happening, or heard more from the characters we thought were being made to behave uncharacteristically! What do you think? Click the link in the tweet below to see the chart and more explanation behind the theory!