I was that little kid in 1994 that had a thousand things that were Lion King themed. Some stand outs include my Nala swim suit that I tore up on driveways running through sprinklers, little figurines of most of the characters, and countless Lion King outfits. But, the end all be all was my stuffed Simba that had to go to preschool with me every day or I would cry for an hour, and one time got left in a cart in the Walmart parking lot, but was some how recovered and is still in my parents' basement to this day! Basically, I was obsessed with the original, so I didn't know how this new version would hold up. Well, if this trailer is any indication, I need to bust out all my gear again because I had chills the whole time I was watching this, and teared up like 8 times. It's less than 2 minutes long, btw, ha! Watch it for yourself and see if it brings back childhood feelings for you too!