Dierks Bentley Presents His Burning Man Tour...ON ICE!

Dierks puts out a funny video to announce/promote most of the tours he goes on. Last summer when Brothers Osborne and LANCO were joining him on The Mountain High Tour, there was a video where the openers met a mysterious spiritual man (Dierks) on a mountain, who got them waaaay too drunk, then they had to trek uphill to meet the real Dierks at his tour bus! You can see that below, but in this new video Dierks shows of his figure skating skills!!! Using a body double and strategically angled shots of course haha! I especially love when openers Tenille Townes joins him and he "spins" her around eventually throwing her, or when he "lifts" Jon Pardi in the air! You have to check it out! 

It's also fitting he incorporated ice into the theme since Dierks is also known for making his tour openers do the polar plunge with him! 

Here's the first video mentioned, but heads up there is minor bad language so don't watch with the volume up at work or around kids!