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These are the 10 Most Boring States

Data from the Department of Labor Statistics was used by the job site The Ladders to come up with a list of "the most boring states in America for 2018". Several factors were looked at like the percentage of the population over age 60, percentage of the population that is married, and number of households with kids, and population density. Turns out, Idaho is the most boring. But I beg to differ, because hello...potatoes! One of the most underrated and versatile foods. 

Seriously though, here is the Top 10 List of the Most Boring States for 2018:

1. Idaho

2. South Dakota

3. Nebraska

4. Wyoming

5. Kansas

6. Iowa

7. Utah

8. Montana

9. Minnesota

10. Maine

I'm just celebrating that Missouri isn't the most boring! We came in at Number 24 so still in the boring half of the states. The lease boring state was New York. Click the link the tweet below to see where all fifty states rank! 

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