Ariana Grande's New Song Looks Back on Exes Positively

I'm not gonna act like I'm the biggest Ariana Grande fan, because I'm not. In fact, I didn't know very much about her before she was in the news all summer for breaking up with Mac Miller, immediately dating Pete Davidson and getting engaged to him not long after, dealing with the death of Mac Miller and subsequently ending her engagement with Pete! Okay, I knew she was on a couple Nickelodeon shows and has a killer voice/high pony, but I wasn't downloading her music or researching her life, ya know? 

Anyway, I will say the way she has handled all this drama publicly has been pretty admirable. Instead of breaking down, going of the deep end, or hating on anyone involved, she released a surprise single name dropping all of her exes and thanking them for everything they taught her in love and relationships. She acknowledges what some might call her flaws, like moving on too quickly, or falling in love too fast, but also talks about the way she's grown as a person and the things she likes about herself. This just felt so different to me from what we normally see and hear in celebrity relationships that I had to give her a huge shout out. 

Even if you're not a fan of her's, or of pop music, at least check out the beginning of the song. Heads up though, she drops the F bomb a few times so don't listen loud at work or with little kids around!