University Bans Clapping, Wants to Use Jazz Hands Instead

The student union at the University of Manchester in England has decided to ban clapping at their events. The concern is that the loud noise of clapping and yelling is an issue for people with anxiety and sensory issues. Now, I'm completely understanding that people have sensory issues and different levels of anxiety, but shouldn't they expect loud noises at situations like this and avoid them if clapping and cheering is a problem? I have anxiety and have never been concerned bout cheering. Again, I understand it's different for different people but can we really expect to eliminate all things that cause issues for people?

On the other hand, they want to use jazz hands instead of clapping and I'm delighted at the image of a roomful of people just shaking there hands and wiggling their fingers at an musician or speaker. I may start using jazz hands more in my every day life! 

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