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You'll Eat 731 Pizzas In Your Lifetime

A new study found this is how many pizzas you'll end up eating over the course of your life. That comes out to about 5,847 slices! It also found the most popular toppings, which I was actually really surprised about because pepperoni does not top the list, and my favorite thing to eat on pizza didn't even make it!! 

Here are the top five most popular toppings:

1. Mushrooms

2. Pepperoni

3. Ham

4. Chicken

5. Tomato

Personally I'm shocked that bacon is not on the list because that's my favorite thing to have on pizza, but also, who is putting tomatoes on pizza?? It already has tomato sauce! Okay, I know Margherita Pizza usually uses roma tomatoes so there are some exceptions, but still.

Some of the other weird toppings mentioned were sweet corn, tuna, and prawns.

I was less shocked when I sat the study came out of the UK because other countries have different food traditions and taste....but pepperoni and pizza go hand in hand. Click the link in the tweet below to read more! 

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