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The Happiest States in the U.S. Aren't What You Would Think!

If you would guess that Hawaii or California, somewhere beachy and warm, is the happiest state, you would be wrong! Move your sights more toward the middle of the country!

The personal finance site MagnifyMoney used Oxford University developed methodology to look at different "well-being" factors relating to health, lifestyle, and prosperity to determine where states rank in terms of happiness. Minnesota came out on top and Louisiana on bottom. Here are the Top and Bottom Five: 

Here are the 5 Happiest States in America:

1. Minnesota

2. South Dakota

3. Colorado

4. Utah

5. North Dakota 

And the Least Happy States:

50. Louisiana

49. Rhode Island

48. West Virginia

47. Alabama

46. Mississippi

Click the link in the tweet below to see where every state ranks on the happiness scale! 

Still don't believe it? Well this group hanging out in a Minnesota National Forest look pretty dang happy! 

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