Would You Rather Sleep Alone Than With Your Partner?

The alarm clock app Sleep Cycle conducted a survey where 41% of respondents said they would rather sleep alone. The main reason is their partner's snoring. 52% of people in the survey said the snoring is loud enough to wake them, and 30% said it has caused them to sleep on the couch or in another room. Some of the other complaints were temperature issues, hogging the covers or be, and sound machines or needing lights on. 

So what about you? Alone or with your significant other? What are some reasons you would rather sleep alone?

Personally, my anxiety hits me the most at night, but when I'm next to my boyfriend I don't worry as much about someone breaking in and murdering me....clearly I have bigger issues than whether or not he snores. 😂

Click the article below to see more details from the survey!

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