Seattle Spill Sends Metal Balls Down A Hill...LOOK OUT!

Multiple cars were damaged when a truck lost its load of about 22,000 metal grinding balls, which then rolled down a steep Seattle hill.

Witnesses said the truck was going up the steep incline of SW Genessee Street about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday when the back of the vehicle came open and the 2-pound metal grinding balls, which are used to grind down stones, fell out of the trailer and started rolling down the hill.

Robert Duffy captured video at the scene of the balls rolling down the street and crashing into cars.

Police said at least six cars were damaged by the balls, but no injuries were reported.

The driver of the truck, which had been destined for Salt Lake City, said he made a wrong turn and ended up on the steep road.

"All over the road. I know I saw them bouncing down. Nothing I can do right now 'til the police is finished with them," truck driver Robert Herman told KOMO-TV.

Herman was cited for failing to secure his load.



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