WHOA...A 10,000 Calorie Burger! Whose Hungry?

Eight slices of Texas toast. Four 4-ounce sirloin patties. Two 8-ounce sirloin patties. 28 slices of American cheese. Four fried eggs. 27 strips of bacon. Plus, some grilled onions, mayonnaise, and diner relish (relish, mustard, and ketchup), thrown on for good measure. Yep, the Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger, as it's so accurately named, is a real burger—or rather, burger tower—that exists at The Vortex in Atlanta, and it's daring you to try and finish it.

It's basically 4 burger patties stacked up, using patty melts in place of buns, plus more cheese, bacon, and toppings. It's $80, and if you finish it all yourself in one setting, it's free! So far, only two people have managed to take this thing down on their own, and they were both competitive eaters...so don't think you can wolf this thing down without help.  

The Quadruple Coronary Bypass Burger clocks in at almost 10,000 calories...



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