Runaway June Share How They’ve Bonded with New Bandmate

The members of Runaway June: Stevie Woodward, Natalie Stovall and Jennifer Wayne, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (November 7th) to talk about their new song “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things),” and what they have been up to.  

A lot has changed for the members of Runaway June this past year. Wayne is still learning how to be a new mom, and they have brought in a new person to be part of the trio, Woodward. Earlier this year, Wayne and Stovall were the only remaining members of Runaway June, they performed some shows as a duo, but realized Runaway June was a three-part harmony. They began looking for their third member when Wayne remembered writing with Woodward a few years ago. They knew immediately that she was the one and didn’t look for anyone else.  

Their new song “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” is about how they’ve all gotten heartbroken and done some dumb stuff. Stovall plays the mandolin on the song, which she learned a few years ago. The first time the group all sat down to begin writing music together with the new member, Woodward, it became apparent they needed to write more songs with the mandolin.  

Runaway June’s new lead singer, Woodward, said she moved as close as she could to Nashville to pursue music and started out as a songwriting. The group agreed that she fits in well because she works well with them and wants everyone in the group to shine, not just her. She understands they are a trio, and no one is more important than the other. Woodward talked about the group dynamic, saying they’ve done such a good job of welcoming her in. It doesn’t feel like she’s joining in and they’re already so close. The group said one of their most rewarding experiences has been being able to play their music across the world and bring a piece of ‘home’ to another place. Especially when they play for the troops. 

Wayne, wrote the Keith Urban song “Wild Hearts,” with Old Dominion member, Brad Tursi. She said she dreamt of the melody. Tursi and her happened to be golfing together one day when Urban called him about the song but passed on it originally. But he then called him back to ask if he could tweak the versus to be a little more him, then sent both Wayne and Tursi a text thanking them for letting him record the song. Urban kept them in the loop the whole time, which Wayne loved, saying she selfishly wanted to have a number one party for that song so she could meet Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman. 

Wayne was also on the TV show, Amazing Race, twice. She came in second and said it cost her a million dollars. They ended up getting $12,000 divided by two.  

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